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Our talent network consists of highly skilled individuals with varying levels of experience and proficiency, allowing us to become reliable partners to our present and future clients.





About Nexus Talent

The foundation for successful recruiting has always been and will always be relationships. At Nexus, every interaction and assignment is defined by this principle. Our passion is connecting great organisations with top talent and helping dynamic professionals make the best career moves. Whether our relationship with clients or candidates or the relationships we ignite between employers and job seekers, we are driven to create and foster sustainable and profitable partnerships.

Sharyn Kane


Nexus Talent was aptly named, inspired by the meaning of Nexus – a series of connections linking two or more things. Sharyn’s recruitment services are the nexus for her clients and candidates. Sharyn’s expertise lies in her conversations and the bringing together of individuals to achieve success for both the client and the candidate. Sharyn has over 25 years of experience as an Accountant and Business Manager in industries including health, construction, and business services and over three years of recruitment agency experience.

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